Get rewarded for wearing and sharing the accessories you love.

Our Artisans around the world find hope by creating our accessories for a living wage and bright future. Our Partners are brand ambassadors who join hands with our Artisans to tell their stories of triumph. In this partnership, both Artisan and Partner earn, learn, grow and prove that defining their destiny is not only possible, it’s doable.

Endless Potential

By simply sharing the Artisan's story online or amongst a group of friends, you empower her voice and earning potential. Our Artisans earn 3 to 6 times more than they would in their own country and our Partners earn 25% commissions on their sales. Together they earn and celebrate each other.

Unlocking Opportunity

Both Artisans and Compassionate Entrepreneurs learn crucial business skills, bond together and celebrate their accomplishments, together.

Measuring Success in Smiles

As a Partner, you start giving back as soon as you begin. We have a built-in incentive program to, not only help you earn what you want, but make your impact go further. Rewards vary from providing a family in Africa with a dozen chicks to donating a water wheel in India.

Start making an impact.

We’re looking for passionate women, women who believe in solutions. Select one of these starter assortments. So much awaits.

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MERIT | $99.00

Get a running start in your business with more styles that you can share and wear!

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MOSAIC | $99.00

Get a running start in your business with more styles that you can share and wear!

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ALL IN | $198.00

Launch your business with the essentials plus plenty of styles that will get noticed!

What's Included


How much can I earn as a Partner?

As a Partner you will start with earning 25% from sales. Then, depending on the rank you achieve, you can earn up to 35%. Additional income can be earned by building and developing a Success Line. A Success Line can earn you an extra 4 – 9% from the sales generated by your team. Your income potential is unlimited and is set by the time and effort invested in your business!

How much money do the Artisans make?

Artisans earn 3 to 6 times more than the average wage in their community. The Artisan communities we partner with set their own prices, and receive 100% of what they ask for with no bargaining.

What are the requirements to stay active as a Partner?

You must have a minimum of one commissionable order of any value within the last 12 months to keep your account. If you have no commissionable sales within a 12 month period your account will be deactivated.

Will I have an opportunity to meet other Partners?

Absolutely! Inspire is our annual event where Partners from all over the U.S. gather together to meet some of our Artisan partners, hear inspiration from our Founders, and gain lots of training.

Am I required to carry inventory?

No, when you enroll, you will set up your replicated website (free for the first 30 days). This is a unique URL for your business which allows your customers to purchase directly from your site. This enables your customers to purchase what they like without you having to carry inventory.

Do I have to ship to each customer and hostess who purchases?

Trades of Hope ships directly to your customers and hostesses as soon as they place their orders.